Various wordmarks, typographic lockups, and identities developed over the past few years. My role included design (and motion design, where applicable) for all featured.
Identity lockup for a panel + live podcast recording event in L.A.; mindbodygreen; 2020
Identity for a fictive café;
Animated lockup for a 2019 Gift Guide microsite; mindbodygreen; 2019
Wordmark for a Liz Moody's Healthier Together podcast; 2018
Editorial identity for a series on the psychology of money; mindbodygreen; 2019
Series identity for a brand partnership with Vitamix; mindbodygreen x Vitamix; 2019
Identity for a food recipe video series emphasizing functional nutrition; mindbodygreen; 2018
Identity for a beauty tutorial video series highlighting self-care practices and clean beauty; mindbodygreen; 2018
Identity for an organic hair salon in Gardiner, NY; with Carla Rozman Graphic Design; 2016
Series identity for a brand partnership with Bolthouse Farms; mindbodygreen x Bolthouse Farms; 2018
Identity for an editorial series for earth day 2018; mindbodygreen; 2018

Additional works:

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