mindbodygreen Supper Series
Supper Series is a semi-annual event put on by mindbodygreen in various locations between New York and L.A. It's a celebration of health and wellness change-makers. Consisting of talks, group meditation, movement, and art, Supper Series brings together leading minds over a meal.
Presenting sponsors of the event have included Vitamix, Sephora, and LensCrafters—requiring the creation of additional co-branded event materials.
Chris O'Flaherty: Creative director
Carrie Farrel: Event director
Megan Doty: Creative lead, art direction, design, production
Miachel Breton: Event photography (2 +3)
Hannah Schwob: Event photography (5)
N˚5— Hudson Yards, NYC | October 2019
N˚3 — Brooklyn NY | December 2018
N˚2 — Chelsea, NYC | February 2018

Additional works:

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