—New York-based designer with experience across branding, art direction, motion design, digital media and editorial, and marketing. Always interested in learning and growing; unpretentious where title and status are concerned. Previously design team lead at the holding company Win Brands Group, now available for new freelance or full-time roles.
When not working, you'll find me discovering new museums, getting to the gig and finding new music, frequenting the library, making good use of Mubi Go, thinking about urbanism, and taking very long walks around the city.
Bonus interests
— If you're looking for design support on projects in these sectors, I'd be very very eager to hear more: mass/public transit and micro-mobility, veganism and animal rights, urbanism and place making, architecture and decorative arts, sustainability and ecology, music and arts/culture, broad education sector
And flagging some no-gos: animal agriculture, big tobacco, fossil fuels
Thanks for looking! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
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