Burt's Bees: One Small Thing
For a 2019 brand partnership between mindbodygreen and Burt’s Bees, we worked with Summer Rayne Oakes in Brooklyn and Erica Chidi Cohen in L.A. to produce two videos speaking to the idea that small changes made every day add up to create impact.
In leading campaign art direction, I sought to communicate values of honesty, mindfulness, and consciousness. Set design pulls back to reveal C-stands and the homes of the women featured, reinforcing authenticity and veracity. Simultaneously, languid, light-filled shots speak to slowing down and existing in the moment.
Megan Doty: Creative lead, series identity design, art direction, on-set video direction (Brooklyn shoot), video gfx
Krista Soriano: Branded content editor
Andreas Von Scheele: Head of video production
Darrel Taunt: Stills (Brooklyn)
Tamara Muth King: Stills (L.A.)
Christopher Broe: Video editing

Additional works:

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