Homesick Seasonal Campaigns
With a core brand positioning intrinsically linked to the concept of scent memory, every season throughout the year presents the opportunity to develop visual worlds that tap into a collective experience—immediately evoking nebulous, visceral moments from our lives, while also setting the scene for new memories as time unfolds.
Compared to previous year's campaigns, a goal in mind was uniting all campaigns under a key umbrella brand direction to build and reinforce Homesick's visual identity. The key here was removing the extraneous and focusing on and amplifying the essential.

Megan Doty: Design team lead, creative direction, packaging art direction and production supervision, photography art direction, campaign direction
Robert Wozniak: Winter/holiday campaign direction
Jasmine Garcia, Stephanie Whitman: Product development leads

Hannah Schwob: Photography producer
Copy: Emily Richardson
Leena Kisonen: Packaging illustration, Ice Cream Parlor and Fair Days
Kaitlin Brito: Packaging illustration, Sunflower Fields and Orchard Picnic
Zach Peterson: Studio photography, Summer and Fall; Lifestyle photography, Fall
Sarah Hopp: Lifestyle photography, Summer
Designer's note: I also moonlight as a hand model :-)

Additional works:

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