The School of Life: How Not to Be Boring

The short animated videos by the School of Life never leave me unimpressed. A new one they uploaded today: How not to be boring.

No one is ever truly boring. They’re only in danger of coming across as such when they either fail to understand their deeper selves or don’t dare or know how to communicate them to others.

So, being interesting doesn’t rely on education, worldly experiences, possessions, or unbelievable stories. It relies on being able to recognize and communicate about the oddities of living. When telling stories, we may have the urge to report only the factual of what occurred: who was there, when and where it happened, how the events unfolded. And in doing this, we often push away the emotional aspects of what we felt. This is the human aspect that we fear will be too strange to be interesting to others. And when we do muster the courage to speak on our feelings, we’ll name them and leave them at that. Rather than describing the excitement, we mention being excited and move on to the next detail.

Thanks to the School of Life for the reminder to dare against the anxious feeling of exposing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We’re all human and just want to see that everyone else is truly as strange, odd, and peculiar as we are.