Resistance Reminders — new daily project.

Yesterday was — for myself and many others — crushing. We witnessed the inauguration of the 45th president, following his hate-filled election campaign. As a woman, it’s incredibly defeating. As an ally, it’s even more frightening. From an intersectional viewpoint, I recognize that I will still have a lot more privilege during this presidency than many others.

When we examine the rhetoric, look at the cabinet picks, examine the language that we’re using in labeling Nazis the “alt-right;” when among the first updates to the White House website are declarations that nothing/nobody should be able to stop the police; when fascist language comes into use with “America first;” when minutes after the swearing in pages on the environment, women’s rights, LGBT, and disability are erased from; when all of this is happening, we need to resist that it becomes the new normal.

This week on Full Frontal with Sam Bee, Russian journalist Masha Gessen came and spoke in an interview. Asked how we can resist on an individual level, she responded to continue panicking. Her advice is to be the hysteric person in the room who continues to reiterate that this is not normal.

And today, the day after the inauguration, I’m starting a project called Resistance Reminders. It will consist of creating something every day — graphics, typography, illustrations, photography, clips, food, words, zines. Each with a message of resistance: that this isn’t normal, that we need to use what privileges we have, to support one another, and help where we can.

Without further ado, Resistance Reminder n˚1.


Here’s to staying informed, making, sharing, collaborating, listening, taking care of others — and remembering to take care of ourselves.