suivant l’expo

I documented Print Dialogue in photos + uploaded to Behance

Some reflections

I essentially scrapped and restarted my thesis in entirety about 1.5–2 months before the thesis show. This was definitely more hectic than following a defined trajectory from last fall up to now and resulted in some shortcomings. I definitely would have liked to have a stronger web presence, and branding the identity of Print Dialogue as a publication could have been more developed. There are also some minor typesetting inconsistencies, that I’ve been able to fix since the show (never done).

But, if I could go back, I would not change my decision to essentially restart. Print Dialogue feels more authentic than Project Epanouir did. I had a blast with it! In Print Dialogue I talk about how some languages resonate with the speaker more in certain situations than others do. I felt this sort of way between print and web. Project Epanouir was heavily web, without much possibility for print, and perhaps for that reason it didn’t feel right. Print Dialogue was entirely print, with an incredible amount of room for future exploration on the web. And that’s exciting! It’s something that I was able to do in a set amount of time in a way that I would be able to keep making progress on it after thesis finished.

While study abroad was a large part of Project Épanouir and is still a big part of shaping who I am, it felt limiting. It was talking about that experience with design, while the two remain separate entities.

My background has a lot of exposure to international graphic design and culture, and these experiences make up a big part of who I am as a designer. A huge part of this is also being a French major who gets way too excited about phonetics and linguistics. In this way, Print Dialogue is a more direct distillation of myself and my interests. It is a unique niche that I’ve found for myself between language and design disciplines. This intersection treats both at once as a singular entity.

Both Project Épanouir and Print Dialogue presented fantastic opportunities for learning and pushing my comfort levels with what I know about design and tech. But Print Dialogue left me feeling some sort of really special way. I love design! I love languages! Both together? Yessss, love it!

So restarting in the middle of the second semester of thesis? It’s been exhausting, naturally many hours have gone into the project between research, writing, and making. My priorities and sleep cycles are perhaps askew — but I am so completely fulfilled by it all. It came together extremely slowly and then all at once. (I had a lot of stuff???) I’ve been able to break through barriers to reach something I am proud of, and I have a better sense of what I want to do beyond New Paltz.

Donc, me voilà. I’m genuinely excited, in general. It’s exhausting but I’m about it.

  • Things I’d tell myself if I needed to do it again:
  • Don’t do thesis based on what you think other people want out of you.
  • It doesn’t need to make sense at first?
  • Keep your eyes open
  • You can do more than you think you can! There are always others around if you need help.
  • Productivity habits aren’t the same for everyone
  • Read more. Go to the stacks. Look out for events and panels on campus (they’re pretty great). Listen to what others have to say
  • Not everything will be perfect, and that’s so ok
  • It will be hard! But effort rarely betrays

ce qu’il me reste à faire

Sat evening : continue writing, start translating pragmatics, print 4–5 copies of Der Takt and start stab stitch

Sun: Trim and bind the 5 copies of untitled IPA & 3 copies of A Numériser. Photograph posters from pragmatics, and whatever is bound. Finish writing the introduction, about critical making, linguistics details. Finish writing for IPA and A Numériser. Finish translating pragmatics.

Monday: Finish writing for A Numériser. Finish Der Takt. Layout everything I have so far in the book. Find cover stock to print on. Edit.

Tuesday: Finish all layout work. Print, sew and glue. Get spine measurements for cover. French honor society induction + last french club meeting.

Wednesday: Print takeaway fliers from pragmatics project. Finish assembling THE book. Photograph. Find tablecloth.

Thursday:  Put together the website. Graduation rehearsal.

Method for hanging? Not sure how the wood piece attaches at the bottom + wires at the top.


things happening

A staple bound critical making study

Update 2:

Keeping here juuuuust because. Looking at programs for continuing my graphic design education. Looking to use time in France to visit + get feel for diff schools and programs, and subsequently creating + modifying work to angle myself towards certain programs.

· Walker Art Center Design Fellowship (english)

· Certificat of Advanced Studies in Typography and Print @ Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Switzerland) (deutsch)

· Post diplome Typographie & Langage @ ESAD Amiens (France) (français)

· Type and Media @ KABK (Amsterdam) (nederlands)

· Type Design Master @ ECAL Lausanne (français)

+ printing

I printed posters today for the pragmatics critical making project, as well as 5 copies of the untitled IPA piece and ‘A Numériser’. The booklets are folded and currently sitting in the book press. I will trim and bind them either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Still need to print Der Takt.

It is increasingly evident that I have 0 upper body strength because the guillotine gives me so many problems. I actually can’t with it.

Not sure if showcards are happening or if I’m going to go with half letter printouts from the pragmatics project. Will see on Monday. I have stickers coming from Moo though, expected to arrive on the 4th.

The paper is from Manny’s in New Paltz, and I was able to use the wide format printers on them. I never thought I’d be using Google Street View as a research tool, but it works! Printing is usually a trip and a half, but not bad this time.

poster showing type on signs around Stockholm, Sweden Poster showing type on signs in Venice, Italy Posters for Montreal, Barcelona, Munich, Venice, and Stockholm

+ critical making

4th and final one????! Je peux même pas le croire !

spread from a critical making experiment

N’importe, I still need to finish writing, printing all the critical makings, then trimming and binding. Then, of course, photograph the critical making work and lay it all out into the book. And print and bind the book. Then photograph all the things.


+ scanning

All over this morning with scanning IPA transcriptions but I also snuck this in. I’d like to use it somewhere (outside Print Dialogue probably lol oup) but not sure where!! tbd eh

Spread of thesis contents and resume

I also worked on writing my intro yesterday, I’m about 80% done with that. I’m also going to add a small bit about critical making and some general linguistics terms / explanations. Do I want to include an IPA transcription chart? tbdddddd.

Today I’ll assemble scans for the last critical making piece, translate the French piece into English, and work on other writing. Some layout work may also happen, and perhaps trying to print out ‘Der Takt’ and ‘A Numériser’, et ainsi de suite.


+ more work

I was unsure about what to do for showcards for takeaways at the thesis show, but this seems like a neat direction. Since I had the pragmatics posters, I was able to go into images I got of type in different cities and pull out letters. From there, the letters went to spell out the name of the city they were found in. Logical, visually interesting, makes sense. So, why not?

Going to be printing ~50 copies of each on basic weight colored paper as part of my takeaways, half-letter size. Still also need to print the 20×30″ posters for each city (diff designs than these).

transcriptions for IPA piece

(Inprogress and keeping this here for reference, need to correct some transcriptions)

Il y a des pensées où je me sens mieux d’utiliser une langue étrangère pour les communiquer plutôt que ma langue maternelle. :
[il ja də pɑ̃ se y ʒə mə sɑ̃ mjø dy ti li se yn lɑ̃g e trɑ̃ gɛʀ pur le kɔ my ni ke ply tɔ kə ma lɑ̃g ma tɛʀ nɛl].

Est-ce que c’est à cause des environs où je m’habite à utiliser une telle langue à une autre ? :
[ɛ sə kə sɛ ta koz de zɑ̃ vi ʀɔ̃ zu ʒə ma bi ta y ti li se yn tɛl lɑ̃ ga yn otʀ]?

Peut-être les sons veut dire plus que les mots. :
[pø tɛtʀ le sɔ̃ vø diʀ ply kə le mɔ]

Quelques histoires me mettront mal à l’aise de les écrire en anglais. Mais pas en français. Voici un exemple :
[kɛl kə zi stwaʀ mə mɛt rɔ̃ ma la lɛz də lɛ zɛ kʀiʀ ɑ̃ ɑ̃ glɛz]. [mɛ pa zɑ̃ frɑ̃ sɛ]. [vwa si œ̃ eg zɑ̃pl] :

(already done IPA)

La langue porte plus que son moyen de transférer un message. :
[la lɑ̃g pɔʀt ply kə sɔ̃ mɔ jɑ̃ də trɑ̃s fe ʀe œ̃ me saʒ].

Voilà qu’elle a la capacité d’être porteuse d’un sens de sécurité. :
[vwa la kɛ la la ka pa si te dɛtʀ pɔʀ tøz dœ̃ sɑ̃s də sɛk yʀ i te].

critical making #4 / weekly!

So far for critical making I have : Der Takt, Endless Possibilities, IPA. The fourth I am working on deals with pragmatics of typography based on location. For this I already have writing, a 9 pg paper (in french. should translate). I’m going to print 5 24″ x 36″ posters with black ink on colored stock for these. So far about half done, need to go back into google maps and get about 10 more signs from Stockholm, then will be doing Montréal and Barcelona.


After these, I just need to finish my other writings + refine, add 3–4 more posters to the IPA making, photograph, layout (master pages already started, need to put content in), print and bind! Home streeeeetch. Ordered stickers yesterday, printing show cards this week, and maybe a quick run of business cards.

Plus finishing portfolio for GD apps + resto branding, eek.

Mon: Finish posters in INDD + PS. Mockups for Apps.
Tues: Go to Manny’s to get paper + circle punch (if they have). Print + bind 4–5 more copies of Der Takt. Remove staples + rescan each page of endless possibilities + levels in PS + put back into INDD.
Weds: Print applications for GDApps + photograph. Resto website mockup. Print + assemble final portfolio. Prepare presentation for Linguistique Française.
Thurs: Print posters + ~5 copies of endless possibilities. Print IPA transcriptions + scan / manipulate.
Fri: Continue working IPA posters. Photograph other works so far + layout text in book. Continue writing.
Sat: ????? we will see

Trying to print + bind final book sunday???????? maybe fan glued w/ stab stitch + printed cover on cover stock???? not trying to go for a hard bound book rn

Also need to plan how I’m setting things up + find time to get things printed


a thing that has happened that is not related to thesis

I did the thing!!! Yesterday the Center for International Programs sent me an email to say that they chose and nominated me for the lectrice (teaching) position at the Université de Franche-Comté for the 2016–17 academic year! In simpler terms, this means I’m going back to Besançon for another year!

v excite v excite ahhhhhhh!!