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Besançon Topographics

Besançon Topographics is a photo series taken while working abroad in Besançon, France. The series aims to capture the everyday, rather than the mystic and majestic. The city is situated in the Franche-Comté region. Centre-ville is confined to a small buckle, lined with centuries old buildings and a grand citadelle atop of the city.

When the city is publicized, it’s often this grandoise image that is seen. But there’s still a delicate beauty in how light falls against the concrete that has manifested itself around the city.

Petit Train / Megan Doty stairway / megan doty falling light / megan doty red reflect / megan doty concrete catching light / megan doty still steps / megan doty tree pop / megan doty concrete housing / megan doty red van / megan doty